Spray-Vac® Spectrum aids in the administration of sprayed vaccines for poultry. It is especially designed to prolong the viability and improve the effectiveness of reconstituted and diluted spray vaccines.


• New generation stabilizing water additive especially engineered to preserve poultry spray      vaccines, including fragile bronchitis and mycoplasma vaccines

• Increases the preening activity of your poultry flocks to help maximize antigen uptake and immunization

• Proprietary colorant designed to stimulate the spectral response of poultry under all lighting conditions

• Immediately stabilizes the water, with no waiting required

• Rescues vaccines from the harmful effects of oxidizers such as chlorine

• Controls pH and osmotically balances ordinary tap water or well water

• Safer and more convenient than distilled or deionized water as vaccine diluent


Store at room temperature Protect from temperature extremes Not for human use Keep out of reach of children


One Liter (33.8 oz) Bottles 12 Bottles per Case